Cata de 10 Quesos en Las Palmas

Tasting of 10 Cheeses in Las Palmas

What happens at a cheese tasting?

Cheese tastings are not only a culinary pleasure, but also a social event. It is an opportunity to enjoy delicious cheeses and good wines in the company of people with similar interests. These tastings often turn into cultural exchanges full of laughter, especially after the third glass of wine.

Our cheese tasting lists vary monthly, and we adapt the format of each session to keep them fresh and exciting. Each tasting lasts approximately an hour and a half, during which a detailed explanation about the making of the cheese and its history is offered. Then, each of the cheeses are tasted and described.

All the cheeses present in our tastings are handmade and are available in our store.

What cheeses can you find in our tastings?

Canarian cheeses

Cortijo Caideros: From Cristobal Moreno, this cheese factory has won the award for the best cheese in the Canary Islands five times. They offer varieties such as Queso de Flor, Media Flor and Animal Rennet, all of which are exceptional.

Cueva Sosa: From the Felipe Mendoza cheese factory in the highlands of Gáldar, its sheep cheeses are authentic works of art of craftsmanship.

Lomas del Sur: Located in the south of the island, this cheese factory produces sheep-goat cheeses or only goat's milk. Its hard-rind cheese is notable for its excellent curing.

Julián Díaz: This majorero has been awarded as the best Semi de Goat cheese in Spain. Its cheese, made with pasteurized milk, surprises with its sweet and consistent flavor.

La Candilera: This Palmero cheese, slightly smoked and covered by the Palmero cheese DOP, is a very white and soft goat cheese.

European Cheeses

The variety of European or imported cheeses is wide and delicious. We invite you to explore and try each of them.

Comté Gourmandise and Morbier Trad Emo: Two cow cheeses from the Jura area (France), made with the same milk but with very different flavors.

Grana Padano 14 months: An Italian cow cheese, covered by the PDO, with a grainy texture and a paste cooked and pressed several times. Very curated and outstanding.

Blue Stilton and Blue Shorpshire: Two English wonders of the world of blue cheeses, always available in our store.

Munster Gérome, Vigneron aux noix, St Néctaire: For lovers of strong and fragrant cheese, we usually include in our selection one of these soft and powerful cheeses on the nose.

Participate in our tastings

We don't want to give away all the details of the experience, so we invite you to join us and find out for yourself!

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