Queso Majorero: Una Joya de Canarias

Majorero Cheese: A Jewel of the Canary Islands

Cheeses from Fuerteventura

The island of Fuerteventura, located at the eastern end of the Canary archipelago, is characterized by its low altitude, little vegetation and many hours of sunshine. These conditions give it a unique strength and character, reflected in its products.

Most Fuerteventura cheeses are regulated by the D.O.P. Majorero Cheese, which specifies the peculiarities necessary for its production. This fatty cheese is made with goat milk from the Majorera breed, with the possible addition of up to 15% Canarian sheep milk for specific maturations.


Majorero Cheese has a cylindrical shape, with a height of 6 to 9 cm, diameter between 15 and 35 cm, and weight between 1 and 6 kg. Its crust has the impressions of the molds or pleitas and can be treated with paprika, oil or gofio. The paste is compact, creamy in texture, with an acidic and somewhat spicy flavor. The color varies from white to ivory in aged cheeses, usually without eyes, although they may appear small.

Depending on its degree of maturation, the cheese can be soft (8-20 days), semi-cured (20-60 days) or cured (more than 60 days). This cheese is one of the most popular and emblematic products of Canarian gastronomy, known for its intense and unique flavor.

A Long Tradition

Local shepherds have produced cheese on the island for centuries. The production technique has been passed down from generation to generation. This cheese is made with fresh goat's milk, usually raw, to which rennet is added. The mixture is heated until the curds separate from the whey, then it is molded and left to mature for a set time.

The manufacturing process, from feeding the goats to sorting the milk, is essential. Majorero Cheese is a native and artisanal product that has remained alive in Canarian gastronomy and in gourmet circles. Shepherds sell their cheese in small local shops and markets, but it can also be found in gourmet shops around the world.

Excellent Fuerteventura Cheeses

Julián Díaz
Cheese factory located in Tiscamanita, Fuerteventura. It makes cheeses with pasteurized Majorera goat milk, with nuances of dulce de leche and a creamy texture. Chosen as "BEST SEMI-CURED CHEESE IN SPAIN" in 2022. You can buy this cheese by wedges or whole pieces on our website.

Angel's Luck
Cheese factory in Casillas del Ángel, Fuerteventura, which produces mature fatty Majorera goat cheese. The livestock, made up of 500 goats, live freely and are milked daily. This cheese has been awarded for its order and cleanliness, and is a Majorero cheese full of nuances, made with love.

Discover Canarian Gastronomy

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Written by Felo Botello.

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