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Sweet Wine Señorío de Agüimes, Gran Canaria

Sweet Wine Señorío de Agüimes, Gran Canaria

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Key Data:

  • Type of Wine: Sweet white
  • Year: 2021
  • Graduation: 13% vol
  • Origin: Agüimes, Canary Islands
  • Varieties: Moscatel de Alejandría (80%), Malvasía Volcánica (15%), Listán Blanca (5%)


Finca Poggio Blanco Dulce 2021 is a naturally sweet wine that has been chosen as the best sweet wine in Spain in 2021. This wine is made from a careful selection of native grapes: Moscatel de Alejandría (80%), Malvasía Volcánica ( 15%) and Listán Blanca (5%). It has rested for three months in French oak barrels, which gives it an aroma and elegance characteristic of high-end wines.


  • Voted best sweet wine in Spain in 2021

Tasting Notes

In the visual phase, it stands out for its clarity and the intensity of its golden color. In the olfactory phase, it is fine and intense, with a combination of primary floral, fruity and nutty aromas. In the mouth, it is a wine with intense body and flavor, with well-balanced acidity and persistence that leaves a lasting impression.

Pairing Suggestions

This sweet white wine is ideal to accompany desserts, blue cheeses and foie gras. It is also perfect to enjoy alone as a table wine, allowing its complexity and elegance to be fully revealed.


Sweet white

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place, preferably horizontally to keep the cork moist. Serve at a temperature of between 10-12°C to fully appreciate its aromas and flavors.

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