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White Wine Island Landscape

White Wine Island Landscape

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Key Data:

  • Wine Type: White
  • Year: 2022
  • Graduation: 12% vol
  • Origin: Güímar Valley, Tenerife, Canary Islands
  • Varieties: Marmajuelo, Malvasía Aromática


Oracan 2022 is a white wine from Bodega Hermanos Mesa, made in the Güímar Valley, Tenerife. This wine combines the native varieties Marmajuelo and Malvasía Aromática, and is presented as a complex wine with volume, structure and aging potential. Under the Denomination of Origin Valle de Güímar, this wine reflects the quality and authenticity of the region, with its unique climate and volcanic soils that provide distinctive characteristics.

Tasting Notes

On the surface, Oracan 2022 is clean, lively and sparkling. On the nose, it is fragrant and powerful, with aromas of almost syrupy pineapple, hints of fennel and a light finish of sweet toffee-like aromas. In the mouth, it has a very personal entry, dry but with a sweet touch that was perceived on the nose. It is a very gastronomic white, fleshy, long and with a good final acidity, which makes it an excellent companion for a wide variety of dishes.

Pairing Suggestions

This white wine is ideal to accompany seafood, fish, salads, and Mediterranean cuisine dishes. Its structure and acidity also make it perfect for white meats and pastas with light sauces. Plus, it's ideal to enjoy neat, letting its complexity and aging potential reveal itself over time.



Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place, preferably horizontally to keep the cork moist. Serve cold, at a temperature of between 8-10°C, to fully enjoy its freshness and liveliness.

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