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Queso Botello

Natural Razor Clams

Natural Razor Clams

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Key Data:

  • Product Type: Natural Razors
  • Net Weight: 115g
  • Ingredients: Razors, water, salt
  • Contains: Mollusk
  • Procedure: Galicia, Spain
  • Manufacturer: Art Air


Ar de Arte's Natural Navajas capture the freshness and sea flavor that characterize the best Galician seafood products. We guarantee the Galician origin of our razor clams, captured by expert divers who know the areas where the best specimens grow. The design of the can is based on a work by Galician artist Fernando Rei.

Production Process

To assess the original quality of the Ar de Arte knives, tasting without cooking is recommended. The razor clams are packaged naturally, preserving their freshness and authentic flavor. The simplicity of the ingredients – razor clams, water and salt – ensures that the flavor of the sea remains intact.

Company Information

Ar de Arte is a company dedicated to the production of high-quality canned seafood, using traditional and environmentally friendly methods. Its commitment to excellence and sustainability is reflected in each of its products, offering consumers a unique gourmet experience.

Tasting Notes

• Color: Natural, characteristic of fresh razor clams.

• Aromas: Intense and marine, with a saline touch.

• Taste: Pure and fresh, with a marked sea flavor.

Pairing Suggestions

Navajas al Natural are perfect to enjoy directly or as an ingredient in various recipes. Grilled with garlic and lemon is a classic that does not disappoint. Its characteristic "flavor of the sea" opens the door to a whole inventory of culinary preparations.


Knives, water, salt

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within the next few days to enjoy its optimal freshness and flavor.

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