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Black Canarian Honey 500g Thousand Flowers

Black Canarian Honey 500g Thousand Flowers

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Key Data:

  • Product Type: Black Canary Honey
  • Net Weight: 500g
  • Ingredientes: Miel 100% natural
  • Origin: Canary Islands, Spain
  • Manufacturer: Luis Manzano Beekeeping Bazaar, Orilla Baja - Santa Lucía, Gran Canaria


Mil Flores Black Canarian Honey is an exquisite honey made by black Canarian bees, known for their characteristic dark appearance. This honey has a smooth and very particular flavor, being delicious and perfect for honey lovers. The Canarian black bees, rustic and well adapted to the peculiar climate of the Canary Islands, produce this high quality honey.

Characteristics of Canary Black Bees

Canary black bees usually measure 22 mm and have their bodies covered with hairs arranged in a band and fawn in color, except on the abdomen. They are a rustic species, well adapted to the diverse volcanic and climatic conditions of the Canary Islands. Their adaptability is impressive, allowing them to thrive in challenging environments.

Habitat and Behavior

The habitat of the Canary black bees is one of the most wonderful and surprising aspects of this species. They can even live in areas with volcanic characteristics and diverse climates. The hives are built by worker bees, who create two types of cells: some vertical ones for the larvae that become pupae, and others where they store honey. The workers are responsible for sealing the cells during the larval development process.

Company Information

This honey is made by Bazar Apícola Luis Manzano, located in Orilla Baja - Santa Lucía, Gran Canaria. Bazar Apícola Luis Manzano is a company dedicated to the production of high-quality honey, using traditional and environmentally friendly methods to offer a genuine and delicious product.

Tasting Notes

• Color: Dark and shiny, characteristic of black bee honey.

• Aromas: Intense and floral, with notes of multiple wild flowers.

• Flavor: Smooth and complex, with a floral aftertaste
persistent and a rich, silky texture.

Pairing Suggestions

Mil Flores Black Canarian Honey is perfect for sweetening drinks, desserts, or simply to enjoy alone. Its unique and mild flavor makes it ideal for various culinary applications, providing a special touch to any dish.


100% natural honey

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Does not need refrigeration.

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