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Fried Baby Beans A.O. 330g

Fried Baby Beans A.O. 330g

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Key Data:

  • Net Weight: 330g
  • Ingredients: Beans (72%), olive oil (27%), salt and antioxidant (ascorbic acid)
  • Origin: Andalusia, Spain


The lands of the Ribera del Ebro have exceptional characteristics for growing all types of vegetables, and proof of this is the extensive variety of products with which we work at Conservas Serrano. Thanks to the rains and excellent temperatures of this region, the vegetables of Navarra and La Rioja are very popular. Now you have the opportunity to discover the reason for this fame. Fried baby beans are a delicious option to enjoy at any time of the year, without any effort. These beans are grown in Andalusia and prepared in a very natural way, resulting in a great complement to a healthy diet.

Company Information

Conservas Serrano is proud to offer high-quality baby fried beans, prepared in a traditional way to ensure the best texture and flavor. Originally from Andalusia, these broad beans reflect the agricultural wealth and culinary tradition of the region. The company uses traditional methods to ensure that each product retains its authentic taste and unmatched quality.

Tasting Notes

• Color: Light green, characteristic of fresh beans.

• Aromas: Soft and vegetal, with a touch of olive oil.

• Flavor: Delicate and smooth, with a tender texture and an authentic flavor that highlights the freshness of the beans.

Pairing Suggestions

The fried baby beans are perfect as a side dish, as a single dish, naturally or with a sautéed garlic and ham. You can add them to your stews or use them along with the rest of the ingredients in your rice dishes. They are versatile in the kitchen, allowing multiple combinations and offering a gourmet touch to any recipe.


Beans (72%), olive oil (27%), salt and antioxidant (ascorbic acid)

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within the next few days to enjoy its optimal freshness and flavor.

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