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Cortijo Caideros Flor

Cortijo Caideros Flor

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Key Data:

  • Type of Milk: Raw sheep's milk
  • Origin: Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
  • Texture: Creamy and firm
  • Flavor Profile: Lactic, slightly bitter, with a touch of acidity

Description: Cortijo Caideros Flor is one of the most awarded cheeses of the Canary Islands, made in the lush pastures of the north of Gran Canaria. This cheese is made with the milk of native, free-grazing Canarian sheep, which contributes to its unique and rich flavor.

Tasting Notes

This cheese offers a very lactic flavor with fantastic acidity. You will notice a slight bitterness typical of cheeses made with thistle flower, complemented by milky notes in its youth. The creamy texture is especially noticeable from December to May.

Pairing Suggestions

Perfect to enjoy with fresh fruits, crusty bread and a glass of local red wine. Ideal for cheese boards or as a gourmet gift.


• Raw sheep's milk
• Thistle flower for curdling

Storage Instructions

Keep refrigerated. For best flavor, leave at room temperature before serving.

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