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Blue Shropshire Clauson

Blue Shropshire Clauson

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Key Data:

  • Type of Milk: Pasteurized cow's milk
  • Origin: England, counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire
  • Texture: Soft blue paste
  • Flavor Profile: Intense flavor of toasted nuts, cave, butter, slightly metallic


Blue Shropshire Clauson is a blue soft English cheese, made with pasteurized cow's milk and inoculated with Penicillium Roqueforti. Originating from the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, this cheese is matured for at least 3-4 months. It is world famous and is one of the most famous English cheeses, traditionally served at Christmas along with turkey and Plum Pudding. Blue Shropshire has a creamy but crumbly texture, and its flavor intensifies with maturation, becoming softer, creamier and smoother.

Tasting Notes

Blue Shropshire has an intense flavor of toasted nuts, cave and butter, with a slight metallic touch. Its texture is creamy yet crumbly, and the characteristic blue veins add a distinctive flavor profile.

Pairing Suggestions

This cheese pairs well with artisan breads, fresh grapes and a glass of robust red wine or port wine. It is also ideal to enjoy on cheese boards or as part of a gourmet tasting.


• Pasteurized cow's milk
• Rennet
• Penicillium Roqueforti
• Shall

Storage Instructions

Store cheese wrapped in wax paper or parchment paper in the refrigerator. Take it out of the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature before serving for the best flavor.

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