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Gutshofer Chevre

Gutshofer Chevre

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Key Data:

  • Type of Milk: Raw goat milk
  • Origin: Holland, Twente Region
  • Texture: Semi-soft, pressed, with natural rind rubbed with caramel
  • Flavor Profile: Spicy and slightly salty, very pleasant and distinct


Gutshofer is a semi-soft Dutch cheese, made by the Gutshofer family on a farm in the Twente region, on the Dutch-German border. This cheese is produced with raw goat milk, using traditional methods. The paste is pressed and matured for at least 3 months in warm cellars. During this period, the cheese is washed twice a week, forming a natural rind that is rubbed with caramel at the end of the process, giving it a particularly beautiful appearance.

Tasting Notes

After 3 months of maturation, the cheese presents itself with a flexible paste and a super pleasant flavor. The paste is pale pinkish ivory in color, with a compact and crumbly texture. The flavor is spicy and slightly salty, with the caramel crust adding a tasty counterpoint.

Pairing Suggestions

This cheese pairs well with rustic breads, fresh fruits like pears and apples, and a glass of dry white wine or light red wine. It is also ideal to incorporate into cheese boards or enjoy alone.


• Raw goat milk
• Animal rennet
• Shall
• Caramelo

Storage Instructions

Store cheese wrapped in wax paper or parchment paper in the refrigerator. Take it out of the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature before serving for the best flavor.

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